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Are you interested in being the newest member of our growing team?


What we do

Heart centered holistic healthcare - Western medicine is great at treating symptoms, but optimal health is revealed by getting to the root of a person's unique problems. This involves taking someone's mental and emotional state, their physical body and spiritual beliefs into account and factoring that into our treatment plans.


Using multiple modalities - Integrative acupuncture takes the best of holistic, functional and eastern medicine to approach every condition from multiple angles.

Prescribing natural solutions - We use a combination of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, therapeutic diets, exercising, cupping, moxabustion and gua sha to get to the root of each issue.

Provide a positive environment for growth & transformation - we value honesty, integrity, positivity, and world class standards. We believe in leading our clients through example of living a life of optimal wellness by eating healthy, receiving acupuncture, prioritizing our mental health and moving our bodies.

What we're looking for

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

We would love our newest team member to be a Licensed Doctor of Chinese Medicine, with at least 1 year of experience, however we are open to new grads. Our clinic focuses on digestive healing, reproductive medicine, mental health, chronic pain and holistic aesthetics, so an interest or additional training in one or all of those areas is ideal.


Interested in Functional Medicine

As a clinic who values a holistic approach, we will often run labs and prescribe supplements and therapeutic diets. Experience or a desire to learn functional medicine is a must.


Committed to continued growth & education

We are a team of doctors who are always learning and developing our personal and professional skills. Must be dedicated to improving the quality of life of your patients, and enthusiastic about personal growth. There will be trainings, check-ins, reviews, and coaching to ensure we are all growing to our maximum potential. 


Strong and efficient organization, consistency in our mood and energy, self-aware, good communication skills, the ability to self-manage and to multi-task.

Compassionate & heart centered 

We strive to meet each patient where they are to help guide them on their unique  journey to wellness. One of the foundations of relationship building is trust and we earn this by leading with our hearts and creating a safe space for people to open up. Vulnerability takes courage and we want to be the pillars for our patients to lean into.

Contact Us

If you feel like you would be an aligned member of our team please use these steps to contact us.


STEP 1: Please send us a brief message explaining why you would like to work with us. We will follow-up with you for further information. 

STEP 2: Please send your current resume to

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