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Acupuncture for Women's Health in San Diego

Tired of struggling with Endometriosis, PCOS or period pain?


Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been used for centuries to balance women's hormones and treat pain, naturally. Millions of women unnecessarily suffer from these conditions because these solutions are not understood by western medicine.

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Our Natural Remedies for Women:

  • Reduces menstrual pain and cramps

  • Alleviates breast tenderness, moodiness and food cravings

  • Helps regulate your menstrual cycle naturally

  • Reduces pelvic masses

  • Provides an alternative treatment to birth control for endometriosis and PCOS

There's a Natural Solution to Your Health Issues

The root of all reproductive medicine is balancing the hormones. Optimal hormonal health not only helps you feel better, it helps you sleep better, gives you more energy, a healthy libido, less acne and alleviates PMS symptoms.


Birth control is not the only answer to treating menstrual issues. In fact, it doesn't correct the issue, it masks it. Birth control doesn’t regulate hormones it suppresses production of them and replaces them with synthetic hormones. This can cause you to experience depression, weight gain and low libido because your body is out of sync with its natural cycle.

Are you ready to experience your full vibrant health?

Client Testimonial

"I have had an absolutely extraordinary experience being a client of Dr. Arielle’s . I suffer from endometriosis and have ovarian cyst‘s, and the treatments that I have had with Arielle made such a tremendous impact. Her attention to detail and care mean so much to me, I am so thankful for her and highly recommend you visit this clinic." - Kristin K.

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