What Our Customers Have to Say

"Arielle was very helpful with treating my chronic migraine headaches I have been getting for years. She used acupuncture and afterwords showed me ways to avoid triggering my headaches and using pressure points on my body and hands to relieve some pain if it were to happen again. Highly recommended." - M.Y.

"Dr. Arielle is amazing! She has an incredible knowledge base while still being very intuitive. She will make you feel very comfortable and has an easy way of making sure you understand what's going on in your body. I’d highly recommend anyone see Dr. Arielle for acupuncture for here gentle needle placement alone. On top of that she’s helped me with a very diverse set of problems from digestive issues to low back pain from a disc flare up to helping my lungs when I was sick with a cough to treating menstrual problems, etc." - E.M.

"Dr. Arielle is a true gem!! As a newbie to acupuncture I was nervous for my first treatment but Dr. Arielle has such a calming energy to her I instantly felt at ease. She graciously (and patiently) answered my endless questions during our session and took her time digging into the root of all my concerns. Since our first meeting I’ve been coming back for regular sessions and could not be happier with my results. From stress management, PMS symptoms, digestion issues, and lower back pain she’s become a light in my life! I cannot recommend Dr.Arielle more!" - J.M.

"My visits with Arielle have had such a huge impact on my life. Her ability to hold space for me to express myself fully has been transformational in my healing. Her empathy and compassion really show through her work I always feel safe in her care. I recommend her to everybody! She's a magic woman!" - N.W.

"I was a newbie and had never received acupuncture before working with Arielle. She immediately put me at ease and explained the whole experience clearly before we got started. I felt a lot of sensation in the body and then deep relaxation. Really thankful for my time spent with her and for having the world of acupuncture opened up for me. Definitely coming for another session!" - J.N.



"Arielle is a powerful healer. She has an intuitive nature that allows her to get to the root of your issue, instead of just treating symptoms. My sessions with her have always yielded not only powerful physical results, but emotional as well. I leave feeling uplifted and optimistic. She is a healer through and through.
I can't recommend her highly enough." - M.S.

"I just loved how cared for I felt during my first ever Acupuncture experience! Arielle was also very professional, asked me several critical questions that were key to my personal treatment, and had great communication overall. She even helped me to understand how acupuncture and Chinese medicine work which was very educational. Not to mention the fact that I slept better than I had in years afterwards! I also just felt more calm and centered in myself. Arielle opened a whole new perspective for me when it comes to medicine and keeping myself regularly healthy and happy. I'm sure now I will be a regular customer of hers moving forward. I'm grateful for you Arielle!" - J.W.

"Arielle is an amazing, caring practitioner. She is thoughtful in her treatments and takes time to understand what is going on for each person. I recently lost my mother and have been seeing Arielle weekly for acupuncture and herbal treatments to support the grieving process. Nothing else has been quite so supportive during this challenging time.

I have also received beneficial treatments from Arielle for muscle pains/injuries and for women's health issues. All of these issues often are linked and she is skilled at addressing the heart of them. Highly recommend!" - M.M.

"Arielle is amazing! She's treating some longer term ailments of mine, but did some work recently on a horrible sprained foot/ankle. The recovery from the sprain was orders of magnitude faster than previous injuries. Highly recommend to anyone with short term or long term ailments." - J.H.

"I was so happy after my three sessions with Arielle. She is so caring and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during my appointments. She is thorough, thoughtful and professional. The pain I had in my hamstring went away after the first session and the pain I had in my back felt relieved. After each session I felt so rejuvenated and uplifted. She is a true healer! I highly recommend her services." - L.D.

"Arielle is awesome.  I've had ongoing back pain for a few years.  She's been treating me for 6 weeks or so and the pain has dramatically improved.  This is my first experience with acupuncture and I've been very pleased." - I.F.

"Working with Arielle completely changed the way I looked at well-being. I had been pretty fearful of receiving acupuncture prior to working with her. Her overall demeanor, vast knowledge of the practice, and the space she creates made me completely at ease.
I now personally turn to acupuncture (with Arielle!) when I have digestive issues or when I experience anxiety. So thankful to have found someone to help me feel comfortable exploring this practice!" - D.M.

"Arielle is knowledgable and professional. She knows her stuff. In my last session with Arielle she addressed areas of tension and physical stress for me that I hadn't known were there. And I left the session feeling lighter, without pain, and more flexible." - N.R.

"Arielle is a very caring, gracious and talented practitioner. I appreciate that she always takes the time to patiently listen  and has a holistic approach to treatment. Arielle provides an environment where her clients feel comfortable and safe upon the first meeting. She is highly knowledgeable and her treatments have greatly helped me with muscle pain, back aches, stress/anxiety management. I'm very grateful for her treatments and highly recommend!" - B.L.

"Over the weekend, I twisted and sprained my ankle hiking. It was suggested to me to go see Dr. Arielle Caruso for acupuncture. She treated my ankle and was very thorough in explaining what she was doing and why she was treating. I felt put at ease and much more informed than I ever have been before about acupuncture. The results were almost instant! I felt the swelling go down and was able to slowly walk again. I highly recommend Dr. Caruso at Arise Acupuncture! Thanks for helping!" - S.G.

"Dr. Arielle is a true healer. She is very kind and so knowledgeable about the body and acupuncture. She really listens and gives thoughtful feedback that I have found so helpful in retraining my thoughts to support healing both physically and mentally.

I came to Dr. Arielle for chronic pain from a climbing injury two years ago. I have gotten amazing results from weekly treatments. I have started to be able to do physical activities again without pain! I highly recommend Dr. Arielle for sport injuries and chronic pain. She is miraculous!!" - K.C.

"I've been seeing Arielle for weekly acupuncture treatments and general holistic wellness consultations for over 6 months.  The sessions have been a real game changer in regard to both mental and physical health.  Every session is unique and tailored to my current needs and the office space is always clean and inviting. A lovely professional person, I'd recommend her to anyone!" - A.M.

"Arielle is amazing! She provides a safe space for me to share openly about anything that's going on. She also has a good understanding of western medicine and knows how to blend it well with Eastern Medicine which helps me feel like I'm in good hands. Speaking of hands.. she has a nurturing touch an painless acupuncture technique. I'm pretty sensitive to acupuncture so that's one of the number one things I search for in a practitioner. I love going to her and always leave feeling better. I know I'm in excellent and loving hands when I'm in her care." - B.B

"My experience at Arise Acupuncture with Dr. Arielle has been excellent! I am new to acupuncture, so in the first few months I went to multiple doctors to find who fits my needs the best. I made the decision to stay with Arielle and I am extremely happy! She truly cares about her patients, taking the time to talk about the areas of concern and how she can help. She follows up to check in regularly to see how the treatment has been working. The best part about my experience is her calming energy, making the treatments a stress free and comfortable experience. 10/10 recommend!" - A.A