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Acupuncture for Fertility in San Diego

Struggling with fertility or postpartum?


Are you ready to start a family or have just had a baby and are ready to return back to a more vibrant state of health?

Acupuncture helps fertility by addressing underlying health conditions, such as hormone imbalances and nutritional imbalances, to create the optimal environment for you to conceive.


How Acupuncture can help with Fertility

  • Improves egg and sperm quality

  • Improves ovulation and ovarian function

  • Balances the endocrine system and hormones

  • Assists in maintaining a successful pregnancy

  • Helps manage morning sickness by reducing nausea and acid reflux

How Acupuncture can help with Postpartum

  • Improves energy and quality of sleep

  • Reduces the symptoms of depression

  • Regulates milk supply

Your Fertility Treatment Plan

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Schedule an appointment to review a complete health history so we understand your personal and family health history.

Step 2: Receive a Custom Treatment Plan Based on your Needs and Goals

Every person is unique and must be treated as such. Treatment plans often consist of once or twice weekly acupuncture sessions and may be timed with western medical interventions.

Step 3: Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy

Receive a step-by-step plan to eliminate harmful foods while giving you food options that you’re able to happily follow. Identify what lifestyle habits are beneficial for your fertility journey.

Step 4: Herbal Medicine and Supplements

Ongoing health may be supplemented with herbs to enhance the therapeutic affect of acupuncture.

Are you ready to experience Acupuncture for Fertility?

Client Testimonial

"Dr. Arielle has become a must in my weekly routine. I first started seeing her for stress and acid reflux management, which she was able to help manage. Once I became pregnant, our treatments obviously changed completely. From helping manage my morning sickness, prescribing some of the best prenatal supplements, and now helping to induce labor - she’s been an absolute lifesaver no matter what we are managing at the time. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. I couldn’t recommend her enough!" - Holli L.

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