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The Future of Medicine is Integrative Acupuncture

Getting Clear Answers From Modern Medicine Can Feel Impossible

Integrative Acupuncture Takes the Best of Holistic, Functional,  and Chinese Medicine - Giving You Immediate Relief and Hope for a Brighter Future

You know everything is connected, what was once considered ‘woo’ is now common knowledge.  


Unfortunately modern medicine can take up to 20 years for cutting edge research to reach your doctor’s office. If you are in pain, struggle with ongoing, hard to pinpoint issues and are tired of the run around - perhaps the answer you are looking for can be found in a more holistic approach. 

How Does Integrative Acupuncture Work?

1. Treat the Whole Patient - Western medicine is great at treating symptoms, but your radiant health is revealed by getting to the root of your unique problems.


2. Run Functional Labs - Receive complete clarity beyond the typical bloodwork you receive at the doctor. 

3. Prescribe Natural Solutions - Medication may play a role in your healing, but is far from the only answer. Natural herbs and supplements can provide so much support. In addition we use nutrition therapy, cupping, moxabustion and gua sha.


Schedule an Evaluation

During your first acupuncture session, we will conduct an initial consultation to go over your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle habits, and anything else that pertains to your overall health and wellbeing. As Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to health, it is important for us to gain a better understanding of these areas of your life.


Receive a Personalized Health Plan

Once the Doctor has a thorough understanding of your condition, a treatment plan will be curated specifically for you. Several acupuncture sessions will be recommended based off the type of condition you have as well as your symptoms and the severity of your condition.


Experience Relief

Once significant progress has been made, the Doctor will re-evaluate your needs and build a maintenance program with you to help you maintain your progress. Finally experience the pain free results you've been looking for!

Patient Testimonial

"Working with Arielle has been lovely. I had some really terrible digestive issues that were causing so much sickness. She had assessed that I had Candida but still used lab testing to confirm this. We spent a couple months doing treatment and the results have been amazing. I feel much more energetic, my bloating is gone and my body is so much happier. Her approach is very research focused which gave me reassurance. She is very supportive and gentle with her words and I have nothing but great things to say!"