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Providing Facial Acupuncture in San Diego with Anti-Aging Benefits

Acupuncture has been used in a cosmetic context for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), helping patients improve the overall look and feel of their skin. Cosmetic acupuncture specifically relates to acupuncture for aesthetic purposes, including skin regeneration, detoxication, and anti-aging benefits.


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What Is Cosmetic Acupuncture? 


Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-invasive beauty treatment that uses acupuncture to improve the quality of a patient’s skin while also addressing any aging concerns. Cosmetic acupuncture is used as an alternative to surgical facelifts as it can reverse signs of aging. This treatment stimulates blood circulation and collagen production in the dermis layer of the face, activating your body’s natural healing response. 

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture?


The key concerns cosmetic acupuncture can address include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reduces fine links and wrinkles, including crow’s feet, frown lines, and smile lines

  • Improves acne and breakouts, including scarring, discoloration, and pore size

  • Increases circulation to the face, improving skin tone and texture

  • Rebuilds collagen and elastin for a more youthful and glowing appearance while minimizing the effects of future aging 

  • Decreases puffiness around the eyes and minimizes dark circles

  • Lifts sagging skin

It is important to note that any cosmetic acupuncture treatment will be tailored to address the patient’s key concerns and goals. As these sessions are non-invasive and low risk, they are a great option for a patient who wishes to address the root cause of aging in a safe and effective way. 

What Should I Expect During a Treatment? 


At Arise Acupuncture, a cosmetic acupuncture session begins with an evaluation and treatment plan to address your key concerns. After, our acupuncturist will treat you by placing acupuncture needles in your face. The placement varies according to what is discussed in the initial evaluation. Patients often experience calm or relaxed sensations after the needles are set. After a set period, our acupuncturist will remove the needles and you can return to normal activities. There is no recovery period needed after a treatment.

It is important to note that it is best to avoid taking any blood thinning medications or drinking alcohol before a treatment.

How Many Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions Do You Need to See Results? 

For optimal results, it is recommended to speak to your acupuncturist to determine how many cosmetic acupuncture sessions you will need to start seeing results. A typical patient might go through a series of 10 to 15 sessions spaced out once or twice weekly. As the benefits of acupuncture are cumulative, significant changes may start to become noticeable after the fourth or fifth treatment. After, your acupuncturist will recommend a maintenance plan for you, which may include monthly sessions.

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