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Why is stress so persistent?

In this 5-Day Email Series You'll Learn

  • How to relax your nervous system anytime and anywhere with a proven 2-minute activity (that I promise you'll enjoy)

  • A 5-step sleep formula to help you experience deeper sleep combining the wisdom of Chinese and Modern Functional Medicine 

  • Why seemingly harmless items like CBD and coffee can create adverse reactions that secretly cause more stress in your system

  • How to tell which foods activate a stress response in your body, and why these cravings feel impossible to ignore​​

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5-star Reviewed Acupuncturist in San Diego

Is stress, anxiety or depression keeping you from fully experiencing the joys of life?


Hi, my name is Dr. Arielle and it's my mission to empower women with holistic health protocols that get to the root cause of health issues so they can fully experience life again.

As a Chinese Medicine Doctor, Acupuncturist and daughter of highly anxious parents, I've treated my own anxiety tendencies while helping hundreds of other patients do the same. 


Tired of struggling with anxiety? You’re not alone.


Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety which can be compounded by the food we eat, the medications we take and other toxins in our environment. Unnecessary stress can even make “simple” daily tasks feel absolutely dreadful. 

Anxiety stems from the nervous system, the “sympathetic system” also known as fight or flight.


Acupuncture sessions immediately relieve stress by turning on the "parasympathetic system" and our personalized health protocols, combine the best of holistic health and Chinese Medicine to help balance your body, mind and spirit. 

When you see what's possible to change with your health, you'll see what's possible in life! 

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