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Where does stress originate in the body?

Stress stems from the nervous system or the “sympathetic system” aka our fight or flight response. If your body is in this state you may experience symptoms such as insomnia, ruminating thoughts, headaches, migraines or other “unexplainable” body pains.

How to Treat Stress Holistically

Stress and Anxiety are actually important signals from your body?

This is your body signaling there is something wrong. Often in western medicine these symptoms are hard to treat except with pharmaceuticals. However, Chinese Medicine looks for the root cause and has dozens of answers including:

1. Utilizing herbal support and supplements

2. Eliminating environmental stressors

3. Removing stressors from food or chemicals

4. Releasing stagnated energy from trauma or past injuries

Stress and anxiety is natural and even healthy to experience at times, but too much stress can plague your through increased aging, less sleep, low energy, reduced sex-drive, and even digestive or skin issues if not systematically treated.


There's a Natural Solution to Your Health Issue


My name is Dr. Arielle and I'm a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Acupuncturist. My mission in life is to help people solve the root cause of their health issues so they can fully experience the joys of life. 

Each patient receives their own personal holistic protocol after our evaluation which may include herbs and natural supplements, lab work, and acupuncture sessions to immediately relieve any stress or anxiety you are experiencing. 


Because when you see what's possible to change with your health, you'll begin to see what's possible in all aspects of your life! 

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